Immigration Institute of the Bay Area

Immigration Institute of the Bay Area

What We Do:

We change the lives of some of Napa County’s most vulnerable community members with the help of our donors. We assist immigrants, refugees, and their families to join and contribute to the Napa County community by providing them with high-quality, affordable immigration legal services, education, and civic engagement opportunities.

Since 2013, when the Napa Valley Community Foundation invited us to open an office in downtown Napa, we have reached out to 109,286 people, provided 8,232 legal consultations, and celebrated 1,651 new citizens in conjunction with our partners. We have achieved this by providing essential services to immigrants previously at risk of exploitation by those not authorized to provide legal advice. In the last two years, we have expanded our services to include removal defense, and currently represent 25 families.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Provide administrative assistance remotely
  • Offer workshop support
  • Provide paralegal support

Business Partners:

Keenan Winery is a sustainably farmed vineyard in the Spring Mountain District, and is a seven-time award winner at Wine & Spirits Magazine. Keenan Winery is open for wine tasting in its spacious and well-ventilated tasting room.

Lorenza is a benchmark California rosé made with intention from old vines by Melinda and Michele, a mother-daughter team since 2008. Lorenza Rosé is gluten-free, vegan-friendly & low alcohol.

With a culinary program led by Chef de Cuisine Kaelin Ulrich Trilling, La Calenda combines traditional Mexican food and fixtures in a family-friendly environment. Using fresh and artisanal ingredients, and employing traditional cooking methods, the restaurant features dishes from Chef Kaelin’s native Oaxaca while casting a glance across a range of Mexican regional cuisines.



It’s because of IIBA that I was able to attend university and pursue a career in forensics. Without IIBA, none of this would have been possible.

~ Yoseline, IIBA Napa client and new U.S. Citizen

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    Stacy and Adam Hersly
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    Norma Ferriz in honor of All the hard working staff and volunteers of each of these organizations. Gracias!
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    Norma Ferriz in honor of All the hard working staff and volunteers of each of these organizations. Gracias!
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    Linda Dietiker-Yolo in honor of Support Group
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