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How We Impact the Community

If Given a Chance empowers resilient high school students in Napa County who have faced extraordinary challenges to transform their lives through education.

We understand that education is a powerful catalyst for change. We offer resources for both high school and college students including college counseling, life-skills training, mental health support, career counseling, and financial assistance to ensure student success.

Our impact is profound. We have witnessed remarkable transformations and academic milestones as students navigate the challenges of obtaining a college degree or completing a technical program, ultimately securing job opportunities and experiencing an improved quality of life.

We recently celebrated fourteen high school seniors entering college, while enrolling ten juniors into our program. We also provide a comprehensive program that supports our 26 college students in their academic pursuits.

Help us champion these remarkable young individuals, breaking the cycle of adversity and fostering contributions to our community.


[Receiving] the If Given a Chance award has helped me pursue higher education by allowing me to reserve my focus for athletics and schoolwork, and less on financial burdens….I am beyond thankful for the time spent within the organization, and strongly stand behind what the IGAC organization does for struggling students.

Koda, If Given a Chance student

What a $10 donation buys

Helps a student with the cost of college application fees or study materials that aid students in navigating the college admissions journey

What a $50 donation buys

Helps in organizing college tour transportation costs, allowing students to explore campuses and gain a college environment experience

Other Ways to Help

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Help with gathering student stories
  • Hospitality for teen events and workshops
  • Event planning, logistics, promotion, and on-site support
  • Social Media and Outreach

Research and Grant Writing

Wish List:

  • Laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices to facilitate online learning, research, and program delivery
  • Small ($5-$10) gift cards such as Starbucks to be used for prizes and gifts for student achievements

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