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Napa Parks and Recreation Foundation

What We Do:

Help us advocate and fundraise for local programs, youth recreation scholarships, and park enhancements that will otherwise go unfunded. With your support, we can continue to empower our community, and positively influence the health and wellness of thousands of residents and visitors who live, work, and play here each day.

Since 1988, NPRF has partnered closely with the City of Napa to build a world-class parks and recreation system that ensures all residents have equal access to parks, programs, and facilities. We inspire a healthier, more connected community by advocating and funding opportunities that promote lifelong learning, exploration, and play in our city.

Past projects include Playground Fantastico, youth recreation scholarships, Senior Center fitness equipment, Arbor Day, and Friends of Westwood Hills.

Other Ways to Help:


Join a committee. Napa Parks and Recreation Foundation relies on the important work of our dedicated committee volunteers. Areas of need include social media support, community outreach, and more.

Friends of a Park. Projects are based on the needs of an individual park, but may involve planting trees, cutting invasive vines, litter removal and gardening. We bring the tools, gloves, and expertise—you bring the energy!


The importance of Napa's parks, trails and open spaces were made more apparent these past two years. I'm grateful for the fresh air, exercise, beautiful views and sense of peace these incredible community assets provided.

~ T. Kenny, Napa

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    Matt Hoskins
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    Marlo Cohen
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    Brian Wills in honor of The Wiseman Company
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    Holly Ong
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    Rick Tooker
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    David Elaine Freed in honor of Matt Eisenberg
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    Catherine Holmes
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    Christina Benz
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    Allison Saether
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    Charles Slutzkin Rita Burris
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    Howell Broxton
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    Cadel NEWTON in honor of Cadel Newton and Rebecca Kotch
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    Diana Wilcox
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    Kate and Ted Smith in honor of Angela Powell
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    Paulette Litz
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    Linda Brown in honor of All the volunteers who maintain our park trails
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    Carol Guthrie
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    Margaret M Niland
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    Carol Nelsen
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    Anonymous in honor of Courtney Button
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    Cynthia Langlois-Yallop
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    JJ McCarthy
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    Rainer Hoenicke
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    Mark/Janet Boessenecker/Rivas
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    Ellen Frediani in honor of Mom, who loved animals.
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    Tiffany Kenny
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    Rainer Hoenicke
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    Nancy FIREMAN in honor of the new and returning nonprofits. Good luck!
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