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Category: Environment

How We Impact the Community

Your trusted Napa County partner in caring for land, water, soil, wildlife – and each other. We build climate-resilient and vibrant communities, farms, and open spaces by working on issues that matter most today, while improving the health and beauty of our watersheds for future generations.

Annually, we provide 900+ youth in Napa County with ways to connect to nature and take action to help the environment; 250+ adults attend various workshops on soil health, water-wise vineyards and gardens; and 1,000+ volunteers work to remove trash from our waterways, plant and take care of native trees, and remove harmful weeds. We visit 200+ properties to provide guidance on fire recovery and climate-smart vineyard practices. We conduct surveys of the Napa River and its fish populations.

Working hand in hand with you, we can build a future of abundant water and wildlife, fire-resilient forests, and thriving communities.


Thanks to Napa RCD, I’ve developed a passion for nature and helping the environment, and confidence in myself Helping you mulch oak trees and teach kids about water pollution are experiences I won’t forget.

TL, Student

What a $10 donation buys

Native plants for restoration projects, buckets, gloves, tarps, clipboards, nature guides, sharpies, rulers for outdoor education field trips with youth.

What a $50 donation buys

Shovels, weed removal tools, wildlife cameras, fish tags, hand lenses, water quality test kits for field trips and stewardship projects.

Other Ways to Help

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Plant and care for trees
  • Trash clean up in river and streams
  • Collect data about local waterways through our Stream Watch Community Science Program
  • Teen Conservation Intern
  • Board member or advisor to our board

Wish list for donated items:

• Trash grabbers

• 5-gallon buckets

• Shovels

• Hoes

• Large post-it chart paper

• Quality markers for outdoor field trips

• Crazy Creek field chairs/stadium seats

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Special Opportunity

Monkey Flower Group will provide a small bouquet to all donors to Napa RCD made through CanDo's Give!Guide. Donors who give $50 or more will receive five small flower arrangements.

One donor who gives $500 or more to Napa RCD through CanDo's Give!Guide will be randomly selected to receive a vineyard tour, wine tasting and charcuterie platter for four, as well as two bottles of wine to take home. This experience will take place at the home of Napa RCD Board President, Bruce Barge.

Matching Funds

Napa County Resource Conservation District Board of Directors $3,350 match has been met.
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