Canine Guardians Assistance Dogs

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How We Impact the Community

We offer life-changing service dogs at no cost to veterans with PTSD, and people with disabilities.

Our dogs have positive impacts on both mental and physical health, resulting in improved overall well-being.  Service dogs have been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and feelings of isolation, improve physical health through exercise, and provide unconditional love and acceptance. Fortunately, the benefits of service dogs are increasingly being recognized by both the military and medical communities.

Our passionate puppy parent trainers raise and train puppies for 1-2 years so that others can live a more independent life, and regain independence, confidence, and hope. Our dogs assist with physical needs, soothe emotional wounds, and help bring a sense of safety and comfort. Our dogs save lives!

Our many volunteer puppy trainers’ lives are forever impacted, too. They feel the true rewards of making a dynamic difference in another person’s life. CG also engages the community by offering classes to 4H groups and presentations to organizations.


I was blessed with my CG service dog during the lowest point of my life. Now my dog Freedom watches over me, neutralizing my debilitating tangle of PTSD symptoms, bringing me from a raw state of scorching anxiety into unconscious peace/acceptance.

Zaque, a veteran

What a $10 donation buys

Medicated shampoo
Dog toys and treats
Training clickers

What a $50 donation buys

Monthly heartworm pills
New vests
Dog beds
Dog food

Other Ways to Help

  • Puppy Parent Trainers!
  • Grant Writers
  • Facility Out Reach
  • Veteran Outreach
  • Social Media
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Vests
  • Dog food

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Special Opportunity

Every donor who makes a donation of $25 or more to Canine Guardians Assistance Dogs made through CanDo's Give!Guide will receive a beautiful 2024 Wall Calendar of Our Dogs.
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