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How We Impact the Community

Ripple Effect Animal project (REAP) is a solutions-based animal rescue program. Started by a group of dedicated, compassionate animal professionals, we focus on keeping pets in their homes, with their humans.

We do this by helping with spay/neuter costs, behavior and training help, medical support, or just supplying the resources a family may need to keep their family together. REAP also focuses on rescuing animals who have medical problems or end of life senior pets from local shelters so they can spend their final days in a loving home.


“I couldn’t have done it with out you, I am forever in your debt and truly grateful.”
Once homeless, we helped her dogs with medical care and food and found temporary housing while Kimberly got back on her feet. Now they are housed together and working and continue to pay it forward.

Kimberly Forbes and Racko

What a $10 donation buys

A Microchip/ Vaccine for a dog or cat.

What a $50 donation buys

Spay/Neuter for a feral cat.

Other Ways to Help


  • Foster Homes
  • Transport
  • Data entry
  • Community Outreach

Wish List:

  • Pee-pads
  • Gift Cards to PetFood Express, Chewy, Target
  • Cat Litter
  • Dog and Cat Food

Business Partners

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    In Honor of Helen the very sick cat you guys helped, this is the balance of her gofundme
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Special Opportunity

Donations of $50 or more made to Ripple Effect Animal Project through CanDo's Give!Guide will be eligible for a $100 gift card to Winston's Cafe and Bakery. Selection will be made by a random drawing.

Any donations made in December to Ripple Effect Animal Project through CanDo's Give!Guide will be eligible for a $50 gift card to Milo and Friends Pet Boutique by random drawing.

Carneros has donated a dinner for 4 at their Carneros Farm Restaurant ($800 value). For a donation of $250 or more, the donor will be eligible and selected by a random drawing.

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