Serenity Homes of Napa Valley

$25,620 raised from 40 donations


How We Impact the Community

Over the years, our caring staff at Serenity Homes has successfully guided over 4,000 young people on their journey to rebuild their lives and find hope. Our supportive housing model is critical in helping people recover and lead productive, fulfilling lives. The program usually lasts about one year, though it can go up to 18 months for some.

We currently have six homes (four for male residents and two for female residents), housing 44 men and women, people who are working hard to recover from addiction. These homes are in comfortable, safe, middle-class neighborhoods – they look like all the other well-maintained houses on the street with yards, garages, and back yard barbecues, adding normalcy in a challenging time

Because our clients know they have a safe, welcoming place to live, they can focus on what they need for recovery: pursuing employment or job training opportunities, attending self-sufficiency classes, and participating in AA/NA meetings.


Serenity Homes has been a blessing. I discharged my parole, successfully gained employment as an ironworker welder. I have learned the value of helping my community. Started a Christmas Toy Drive 2 years ago and have helped hundreds of families.

~ Andrew Saxon

What a $10 donation buys

Toiletry essentials for new tenants, cleaning supplies, socks, underwear.

What a $50 donation buys

Groceries for one meal, blankets, sheets, and pillows. Office supplies, ink.

Other Ways to Help

We are looking for more homes to rent at a below market rent and/or donations of homes as our current waitlist is 20 people.

Volunteers who can donate:

  • Time in counseling
  • Self-sufficiency classes
  • Job searches
  • Contractors to repair homes

Wish List:

  • Grocery gift cards for tenants
  • Material for home repairs
  • Bus passes for tenants
  • Gift cards for work clothes, shoes
  • Essential tools for home repairs
  • Bicycles for tenants who don’t have a car.
  • Running cars/trucks

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