Napa County Bicycle Coalition

Napa County Bicycle Coalition

What We Do:

We make riding a bicycle in Napa County safe, convenient, and accessible for all ages and abilities. Safe Routes to Schools makes it safer for kids to walk or ride their bike to school. Bilingual family biking workshops, Kidical Mass rides, Bike to Work Day and other activities make bike riding fun.

We advocate for the rights and safety of people on bikes, fight for more and better bike infrastructure, and actively engage elected officials on pressing issues. We provide free, high-quality bike safety education through our family biking workshops led by nationally-certified instructors, bike rodeos, and community bike rides.

The Safe Routes to School program provides bike safety education and encouragement programs and pedestrian/bicyclist safety evaluation reports for K-8 students in Napa County. Through community events like Bike Month, we encourage, support, and celebrate new and experienced riders for all kinds of biking: transportation, exercise, or just for fun!

Other Ways to Help:

  • Volunteer:  as we resume in-person events like bike rodeos, we’ll need enthusiastic folks to help us get people excited about biking.
  • Be a walking/biking champion for your school. Parents, teachers, and school administrators, please contact Carlotta to get involved.
  • Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to learn about upcoming programs, advocacy updates, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Ride your bike! The best thing you can do to promote biking in Napa County is to ride your bike at least once a week.

Business Partners:


As someone new to biking, safety is my #1 concern when I'm riding around town. Thank you to the Napa County Bicycle Coalition for making our streets safer for everyone, including our kids and families.

~ Tammy W., American Canyon resident

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