Napa County Search and Rescue

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How We Impact the Community

We’re who 9-1-1 calls when you’re lost!

We locate and assist persons who are lost or in need of rescue due to injury; we also aid Napa County Sheriff’s Department during evacuations due to fires or other emergencies. This includes providing search and rescue services and critical back up resources to California Office of Emergency Services (OES). Our team is “mission ready” and available 24/7 in all areas of Napa County, in all weather conditions, night or day.

We partner with many agencies including CARDA for search dogs, CERT for emergency logistics, and CART for large animal evacuations.

Napa County SAR is a non-profit organization funded entirely through grants and local donations. The 45-member all-volunteer team supply their own equipment and devote countless hours of their time in service to their community. Our team is highly dedicated, experienced, and motivated by our desire to help others.


When the SAR Team sees the joy of family members being reunited with their missing loved one, it makes the long and rigorous hours of training and searching all worthwhile.

Jason A

What a $10 donation buys

Search Subject rehydration kit used when a subject is found or a calorie dense meal for one of our volunteer search dogs!

What a $50 donation buys

Items as a helmet, climbing harness, 1/2 a length of rescue rope or 1/15 of a sophisticated pulley system.

Other Ways to Help

Come talk to us when you see our bright orange shirts in Napa’s parks during our monthly weekend training days. We would love to talk to you about how we train for emergency incidents and how you can stay safe in the outdoors.

Invite us to the next meeting of your organization, we love talking about our Mission and how to stay FOUND in the outdoors.

Attend our annual recruitment class in December and become a member of the team!

Learn more about joining our amazing team of volunteers at

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