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How We Impact the Community

We feed families fresh, local fruits and veggies. As Napa County’s largest California Certified Farmers Market, our mission is to support local farmers and provide an inclusive, affordable, and welcoming place for our community to purchase farm-fresh, sustainably grown produce and specialty foods directly from the source.

In 2022, we served over 550 families through our food assistance programs and matched over $70,000 in CalFresh (“food stamp”) benefits to purchase local fruits and veggies. In addition to putting more nutritious food on the table of low-income households, Market Match supports local farmers with increased sales.

Since starting the program in 2012, we’ve matched over $250,000 in CalFresh benefits. Your donation will help us do our part to fight local food insecurity, increase equitable access to sustainably grown produce, and grow community around local food!


The CalFresh Market Match Program helps me feel good about what I’m feeding my kids. When we shop at the Napa Farmers Market, we feel like we’re a part of our community.

Diana G., Market Customer

What a $10 donation buys

Will be matched with $10 in CalFresh benefits for customers to purchase fruits and veggies from our farmers.

What a $50 donation buys

Will be matched with $50 in CalFresh benefits for customers to purchase fruits and veggies from our farmers.

Other Ways to Help

Shop weekly at the Market! Open Saturdays (year-round) and Tuesdays (April through December

Volunteer at the Market

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