Napa Farmers Market

Napa Farmers Market

What We Do:

We build community around local food. This year we’ll provide over $50,000 in food assistance through Market Match, which doubles CalFresh benefits so low-income customers can buy fruits and vegetables from our farmers. Your donation will support our food assistance and nutrition incentive programs to meet growing demand in 2022.

Help us do our part to fight local food insecurity and increase equitable access to sustainably grown produce. In addition to putting more nutritious food on the table at low-income households, Market Match supports local farms with increased sales. Since starting the program in 2012, we’ve matched over $125,000 in CalFresh benefits. This year we’ve seen a 42% increase in demand because low-income families continue to experience economic hardship while recovering from the pandemic. We estimate the total need for next year to be $60,000. Your donation will help us start 2022 with funding for this essential food assistance program.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Shop at the Market Saturdays year-round and Tuesdays, April through December
  • Volunteer at the market

Business Partners:


When we shop at the Napa Farmers Market, we feel like we're a part of our community. CalFresh Market Match helps me feel good about what I’m feeding my kids.

~ Diana G., Napa Farmers Market customer

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    Natalie & Jeff Scott
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    Melinda Walker
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    Melinda Dittman
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    Greg McGrath
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    Gayle Adamowicz Bray in honor of Carlos Rodrigues & Leo
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    Alison Rodriguez in honor of Mingo Rodriguez
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    Margaret M Niland
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    Sharon Tweedy
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    Anonymous in honor of This gift is from Marla Tofle & Bruce Fenton
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    JoRene Kerns
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    Emily Smith
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    Mere Lavene
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    David Layland in honor of Herb Fish, a dedicated long time market volunteer and customer
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    Chris McKenzie
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    Benjamin Horne
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    Anne Retterer
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    Danis Kreimeier in honor of Aaron
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    Peggy Klick in honor of Patrick Davis
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    Jill Pahl
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    Jeffrey Mays
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    Janet Mendelsohn
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    Kyle Hadeler in honor of Kyle and Jaxon
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    Guy Vaillancourt
  32. Avatar
    Guy Vaillancourt
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    Kristin Belair
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    Sarah Vreeburg
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    Marc Mergen
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    Camille Gentry
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    Tamra Lotz in honor of Sandy Sauter
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    Jackie Jackson
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    Albert Katz/KATZ Farm
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    Anne McMinn
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    Elizabeth Munk in honor of The Munk & Florence Family
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    Anonymous in honor of Donation from ZD Wines on behalf of Kendra Bruno
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    Lori Narlock
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    Debra Greenstein
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    Ellen Wulf
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    Julie Worthington
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    katherine wade
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    Lori Wrenn
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    Farmers Market Donations
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    Barry Wooledge in honor of My daughter Cara Mae
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    Sherri Gallagher
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    Dian Dooley
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    Rochelle Heskett
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    Maureen Trippe
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    David and Lana Stanley
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    Wanda Miller
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    Norma J. Neil
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    Farmers Market Board of Directors in honor of Matching Funds
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    Jessie Quigley in honor of all the volunteers who do the work of these charities.
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    Donations made at the Farmers Market
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    Wade Branning
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    Lilea Heine
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    Linda Conley
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    Martha Thomasser
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    David and Andrea Marquardt
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    Harriet Lehman
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    Virginia T. Means in honor of Michael G. Means
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    Norman Ernest Weir
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    Markley S. Sutton, PhD
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    Teresa Reynolds
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    Leslie Rota
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    Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
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    Celeste Giunta
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    F&M Bank in honor of Matching Funds
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    Holly Ong
  83. Avatar
    Holly Ong
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    Deborah Darrin
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    Sandra Sims in honor of Nancy Fireman
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    Donations made at the Farmers Market
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    Allison Saether
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    Charles Slutzkin Rita Burris
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    Kenneth Morris
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    Barbara Thompson
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    Barry Schwartz
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    Nancy Sellers
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    Herbert Fish
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    Christine Ackley
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    Margaret M Niland
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    Carol Nelsen
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    Greg Cole
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    Janet Fletcher
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    Sheryl deLeuze
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  107. Avatar
    James Hudak
  108. Avatar
    Leslie Cogan in honor of Turtle
  109. Avatar
    Jessica Harcourt
  110. Avatar
    Ellen Frediani in honor of Mom, who loved animals.
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    Grania Lindberg
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    Nancy Stoeckel
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    Cara Mae Wooledge in honor of Lois Wooledge
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    David Layland
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    Cynthia Deutsch
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