Sunrise Horse Rescue

Sunrise Horse Rescue

What We Do:

Rescue and provide sanctuary, care, and companionship to abused, neglected, and abandoned horses. Provide humans of all ages the life-enhancing skills and personal growth experiences derived from horsemanship. Sunrise also offers natural horsemanship training, youth education, and many volunteer opportunities. Over 175 horses saved since 2007.

In addition to providing forever homes at our sanctuary to otherwise un-placeable horses, we also regularly provide assistance and support to horses and horse owners in need through a variety of ways. Through our Horse in Need program, we offer information on horse health, dietary needs, geriatric care, feed and water, temporary shelter, foster homes, permanent placement assistance, and veterinary care and consultations. Many of the horses we have met would have become more severe cases of neglect and abandonment had we not responded and intervened.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Foster homes for Horse in Need program.
  • New volunteers are always welcome!

Donations needed:

  • See the Donations page of our website for our Amazon Wish List.
  • Our Horse in Need program has helped rehome over 100 horses and is still expanding. We’re always on the lookout for new foster homes.
  • We are still searching for our forever home property in the Napa or surrounding areas.


Many thanks to the people at Sunrise Horse Rescue who dedicate their time and energy in making the lives of these often abused and forgotten equine friends of ours better ...

~ Doris E., Sunrise supporter

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    Elizabeth Munk A Cut Above Viticulture Service in honor of The Great Work of CanDo's Give!Guide Napa Valley
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    Patricia Leopold in honor of Gabriel the Giant Schnauzer
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    Kendra Bruno
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    Ana & David Manwaring Prothero
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    Jennifer Byram
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    Cheryl Zammataro
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    Ellen Frediani in honor of Jeanne Frediani
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    Ellen Frediani in honor of Jeanne Frediani
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    janice Taylor
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    Carol Reindl
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    Alice Crane
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    Lynn Skillings
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    Patricia Countrywood
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    Katie Migliavacca
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    Barbie Jamieson
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    Denise DuMond Berghorn
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    Elena Bottari-Smith in honor of PACE
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    Vicki Hays
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    Marilyn Ferrante in honor of Nelson & Shasta
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    Carol and Craig Battuello
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    Carol Nelsen
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    ZD Wines on behalf of Drew Tomasyan
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    Jill Hancock in honor of Quinlan and Larkin Dulaney
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    Marjorie Hoyer Smith
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    Jeff Mays
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    Napa General Store Employees
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    Sabrina Zubillaga
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    Sandra Hansen
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    Karin Haywood
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    Heli Sairanen Kangas
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    Sandra Aldrich
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    Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth
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    Joy Kramer in honor of Napan relatives
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    ZD Wines on behalf of Karen Stone
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    Judith Rose in honor of Nora Rose-Hines
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    Larry and Adrienne Amdahl
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    Jessica Harcourt
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    Nancy Kerson
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    Cristina White
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    Cindy W.
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    Hilary Zunin in honor of all those who reach out to help one another.
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    Susan McWilliams in honor of For Sunrise Horse Rescue; In memory of Tex
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    david simundson
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    John & Terri Howell
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    Denise Beringer in honor of Thunder
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    Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Amy Deveau Berry
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    Vallerie Hunt in honor of Rush Creek David
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    Paulette Solt
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    Jan Flynn
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    Margret Smetana
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    Anonymous in honor of solidarity.. it is precious
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    Anonymous in honor of Palo the amazing horse
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    Lisabeth O'Connor in honor of All of the horses, humans, and future horses of Sunrise Horse Rescue
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    Doug Scranton
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    Joan Ellen Mckee
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    Jeff Hoelsken
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    Peggy McConnell
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    Cathy Zinsli
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    Mark and Peggy Dvorak
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    Robin Sisemore
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    Kimberly Crowder
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    Lynn Higgins in honor of Giving in lieu of Christmas Gifts to Rich and Deb Vander Clute along with Susan and Bruce Eveland.
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    Linda Rose
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    Anonymous in honor of Troy
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    Anouschka Wardy
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    Harriet Lehman
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    David Bantly
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    Mary Taylor in honor of Nina Vahldiek
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    Mary Taylor
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    Rochelle Heskett
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    Teresa Reynolds in honor of Joe, Carol & Amy Reynolds
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    Krean Swain
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    Shirley Payne
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    Kerry Burrows
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