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Category: Youth & Seniors

How We Impact the Community

We create smiles by connecting volunteers and their certified therapy pets with deserving children, teens and seniors.

For over 20 years, LAPS has brought safe, high-quality, effective and enriching in-person animal-assisted interactions to vulnerable populations including children with emotional or learning difficulties, troubled teens, memory care and assisted-living residents, and patients in skilled nursing facilities.

Each new volunteer and pet attend a 6-session training class to develop true therapy team skills, including best practices in client engagement, furthering therapeutic goals and insuring client health and well-being. Each team is tested to the highest standards and mentored throughout their career.

LAPS volunteers reach hundreds of clients each year, bringing personal contact to underserved populations throughout our community.

LAPS welcomes dogs, cats, bunnies, mini-horses and mini-donkeys as therapy pets working alongside their human partners to share unconditional love with young and old.


We especially want to thank your volunteers for bringing such joy to our residents in Memory Care, together with the love and laughter that LAPS teams bring to everyone in our community.

Pam M., Facility Manager

What a $10 donation buys

20 boxes of crayons accompanying our original coloring pages showing LAPS teams at work.

What a $50 donation buys

One half-day training site rental so our teams can learn advanced skills, troubleshoot problems and improve volunteer experience

Other Ways to Help

  • Volunteer: Our greatest need is for community members willing to spend time making a difference in the lives of others with their people-friendly, well-mannered pets by their sides.
  • Share: You know someone who would be great at the work we do. Share our story with family, friends and neighbors.
  • Become our “Property Angel” and share underused business/warehouse space for our extensive training classes.
  • Don’t have a pet? Become an Associate Member and provide administrative help. Assist with implementing the strategic

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loving animals providing smiles

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    In Honor of All of our dedicated LAPS volunteers past and present
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    In Honor of With my children (Sebastian and Olivia) we love giving to our community :)
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    In Honor of The LAPS Benicia Play and Practice gang. Happy Holidays from Doug, Mark and Laura
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    In Honor of Suzi Q, TC, and all the LAPS and MHPS therapy team angels. Loved, missed, and remembered.
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    In Honor of All of our dedicated LAPS volunteers past and present

Special Opportunity

Eagle Vines Country Club has generously provided two certificates for twosome rounds of golf, winners chosen by random from all LAPS donors during the campaign.

Matching Funds

An anonymous Friend of LAPS match of $500 has been met.
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