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How We Impact the Community

We have been “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” since 1999. Molly’s Angels, Founded by Molly Banz, provides free services for Napa County seniors including transportation for both ambulatory and disabled individuals to all types of medical appointments, weekly check-in care calls, emergency grocery/Rx delivery, and presents the Senior Moments Radio Show on KVON.

This year we began our Birthday Card program, using volunteers, including local students, to send birthday and where needed, get well wishes to all our clients.

In 2022, we offered 3,953 rides covering 29,660 miles. Our amazing volunteers also made 4,150 calls to isolated seniors. We currently have 84 active volunteers and 1,000+ senior clients. Beyond serving our clients, we are also proud of the generous volunteer community we have built.


Please know so many of our neighbors would be lost without you.

Local Senior

What a $10 donation buys

Provides a senior with a safe secure ride to their medical appointment or a secure pickup of vital medication.

What a $50 donation buys

Provides a senior a ride to a medical appointment out of county or out of range of the public transportation system.

Other Ways to Help

Become a Molly’s Angels Volunteer – it’s flexible!

  • Drivers volunteer as much or as little as you want. Choose from an online list of needed rides convenient for your schedule. Quarterly gas card appreciation is provided based on the number of rides provided.
  • Make a weekly phone call to a senior, let them know you care. Care Calls are made and logged remotely from home.

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  • Devereaux Smith
    In Honor of The team at Molly's Angels
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Special Opportunity

Hop Creek Pub will provide a free appetizer or dessert to all donors to Molly’s Angels made through CanDo's Give!Guide.( Must provide receipt as proof of conation.)
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