St. John’s Lutheran Mission Farm

$4,125 raised from 40 donations

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How We Impact the Community

We grow fruits and vegetables for distribution through the Napa Valley Food Bank to assist financially stressed families in putting delicious, nutritious meals on their tables.

During the last three years we provided the Food Bank with an average of 25,000 lbs. of fresh fruits and vegetables. Your support will enable us to purchase all the necessary supplies to enlarge and enhance this project: seeds, soil amendments, equipment, and such.

“We know how much produce we send to the Food Bank. Only God knows how many lives have been sustained through our efforts.”


The Mission Farm is a wonderful asset to the Napa community. As a volunteer at the Pantry, I witness firsthand the gratitude the clients have for the fresh produce that is available to them.

~ Bette Vreeland, Volunteer at the CANV Food Bank Pantry

What a $10 donation buys

1,200 corn seeds, 50 summer squash seeds, 3 starter tomato plants, or 5 starter bell pepper plants.

What a $50 donation buys

Fuel needed to operate our tractor 50+ hours, or helps pay our $10k water bill.

Other Ways to Help

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Planting and harvesting
    prepping, packing, weighing produce for delivery to the Food Bank
  • Weeding and cleanup at the end of crop season
    sharing gardening or farming experience

Donations needed:

  • Gardening tools
  • Gas cards
  • gift cards for any hardware or farm supply store
  • “Canned” gas for small engine equipment

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