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St. John's Lutheran Mission Farm

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How We Impact the Community

We grow organic fruits and vegetables for distribution through the CANV Food Bank to help families facing food insecurity. We help them put nutritious meals on their families' tables. While there has always been a need for the community to address food insecurity, it became especially critical during the recent COVID crisis. With the additional economic impact of rising inflation, we help the Food Bank serve families in need.

Last year we provided the Food Bank with 29,000 lbs. of produce for distribution.

Other Ways to Help

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Planting and harvesting
    trellising vining plants
  • Weighing, packing produce
    delivering produce to Food Bank
  • Weeding, cleanup at end of crop season
  • Growing starter plants at home
  • Sharpening farm tools
  • Social media support
  • Sharing gardening or farming experience

Donations needed:

  • Gardening tools
  • Gas cards
  • Gift cards for hardware, farm supply stores
  • "Canned" gas for small engine equipment


The Food Bank relies on the community to grow fresh produce to supplement other food sources available. The Mission Farm is "growing to serve" that need, Their dedication has been an inspiration to many.

August D'Amato -- a volunteer from the Young Farmers and Ranchers

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