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How We Impact the Community

We rescue and provide sanctuary for abused and neglected horses in Napa and surrounding counties, educate the public about current issues affecting horse welfare, and provide community members the unique benefit of equine-assisted learning and therapy.

In addition to caring for horses in our sanctuary and our programs, we have a very active Horse-in-Need Program. We triage each and every call we receive and provide critical resources like veterinary support, feed, and transport.

Last year we received over 115 calls regarding horses in need. We are unique in that we responded to each one and are able to intervene at the critical moment to ensure that each horse receives what they need. Without intervention, the vast majority of these horses would end up neglected, abused, or slaughtered.

We also host programs for kids, and for people with dementia and their caregivers.


Sunrise is deeply respected in the veterinary community for their tireless efforts, creative solutions, and unshakable focus on animal welfare. They lead with education and kindness; it is our honor to work with them.

~ Vanessa G.B. Rood, DVM - Napa Valley Equine

What a $10 donation buys

One salt lick block – a key mineral in their diet.

Food for two days for one hungry horse.

What a $50 donation buys

Three 50 LB sacks of alfalfa for our malnourished horses.

Two fly masks to protect delicate eyes.

Other Ways to Help

  • Please volunteer and help feed horses or with construction, fundraising, photography, publicity, grant writing, social Media support.
  • Sponsor a horse for 6-12 months.
  • Become a Hero for a Horse-in-Need (see website Donate page and Select “Support our Horse in Need Program”).
  • Foster one of our horses: provide pastureland for one or more horses.
  • Give your horse a friend and take care of a horse in need. It’s a win-win situation!
  • Buy things for our horses on our Amazon and Chewy wish lists.
  • Visit for more information.

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Special Opportunity

Vella Cheese of Sonoma has generously donated two gift certificates. Two donors will be chosen by random from donations made to Sunrise Horse Rescue through CanDo's Give!Guide.

Picayune Cellars in Calistoga has generously donated a magnum of 2014 Padlock Napa Valley Red Wine. One donor will be randomly selected from donations of $150 or more made to Sunrise Horse Rescue through CanDo's Give!Guide.

Matching Funds

One of our Generous Supporters match of $10,000 has been met.
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